Prasanna Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple, Ramanathapura

Prasanna Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple is well maintained and administered by Sri Samputa Narasimha Swamy Mutt at Kukke Subramanya, Dakshina Kannada district. Now the mutt and temple are conducting various religious activities under the guidance of his holiness Sri. Sri. Sri. Vidya Prasanna Theertha Swamiji of mutt.

The Subrahmanya mutt belongs to Dwaitha tradition of Madhwa religion. Shri Madhwacharya is the founder of Shri Subramanya mutt. When Shri Madhwacharya visited Badrinath, Shri Vedavyasa gave him a handful of Vishnu Shilas known as Vyasa Mushti. Along with the saligramas, Sri Vedavyasa also gave him a Narasimha saligrama. This Saligrama was considered very powerful. Sri Madhwacharya placed this Narasimha shila along with Lakshmi Narayana shilas and Vyasamushti shila in a box and sealed it. This box is called as Samputa and is being worshipped till today by the present Swamiji.

For spreading Madhva philosophy, the 21st swamiji of mutt, Sri Sri Sri Vibhudesha Theertharu, started to travel towards coorg. During this tour he established Sri Subramanya Temple at Sorlabbi. Then he visited Ramanathapura & stayed there for meditation & pooja. After completion of his pooja & meditation, he stayed at "Sankranthi Mantapa". When he slept in the night, Sri Subramanya swamy appeared in his dream and ordered to construct a temple. At the same time Sri Subramanya swamy appeared in the dream of Holenarasipura king Narasappa Nayaka. The god ordered him to give all support and co-operation required for the establishment of the temple with an assurance of male baby.

Then king Narasappa Nayaka met with Sri Sri Sri Vibhudesha Theertharu at Ramanathapura. Then he started to construct a new temple for Sri Subramanya swamy as per the directions given by swamiji. Thus a new and beautiful temple was constructed as wished by Sri Subramanya swamy. From this achievement the swamiji becomes cheerful (prasanna) and satisfied (Trupti) . Hence he called the temple as "Prasanna Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple". At the same time wife of Narasappa Nayaka blessed with a male child. Finally Sri Sri Sri Vibhudesha Theertharu continued to worship the god until the end of his life.

Sri Prasanna Subrahmanya Swamy Temple
Arakalagudu Thaluk
Ramanathapura, Hassan Dist
Phone : 08175 225555

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