Dharmika Activities :
(Sustenance of Sanatana Dharma)

1. A platform across all Sri Matha branches to help devotees perform a variety of Samskara Poojas like Homa, Havana, Upanayana etc.
2. Restoration and Reinstating of ancient Somanatheshwara and Vanadurga temples in Subrahmanya
3. Construction of the Ganesha temple which has a 21 feet long Ganesha idol, located at the entrance of Kukke town
4. Managing and maintaining a 17th century old Prasanna Sri Subrahmanya temple on the banks of the river Kaveri at Ramanathapura, Hassan District
5. Sri Matha has preserved more than 3000 palm leaves (Tala patra) and has been in instrumental in publishing this knowledge to the society along with Poorna Prajna Research Centre, by publishing many books
6. Regular discourses by His Holiness and other eminent scholars at Sri Matha branches strive to promote Sanatana Dharma values

Shaikshanika Activities
(Propagation of Knowledge)

1. Sri Matha runs Sri Gopalakrishna high school for Kannada and English medium, affiliated to the State Secondary Education at Bilinele village
2. With Sanatana Dharma as its foundation, school has been imparting extraordinary modern knowledge to children. School also has state of the art Computer and Arts Lab to cater to the demanding educational needs, free of cost
3. Sri Matha also provide Free Mid-day meals to all its students and staff and also free uniform and transportation facility to students
4. Project plan under preparation to start Junior college at Bilinele village, close to the school campus
5. To preserve and propogate Vedic Knowledge, Sri Matha runs Sanskrit Gurukul at the Matha premises
6. Plans are afoot to start an Educational facility closer to Bangalore

Saamajika Activities
(Social and Community Support)

1. Sri Sadananda Hospital which is run by Sri Matha in association with Nitte Educational Trust, provides free medical service to the local people and the pilgrims
2. Under the "Vaishnavi" scheme, Sri Matha is running Goshala in Subrahmanya and in Sakaleshpur to protect over 100 cows
3. Sri Swamiji often visit and support the poor and tribal people and teach them the core values of our ancient religion and culture
4. Sri Matha also run lodges Sriniketana and Vyasa Mandira, at Kukke, to provide good and comfortable accommodation to the pilgrims
5. Daily Anna Santarpane for devotees visiting Subrahmanya and weekly Annadaana to the poor across other branches

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