Shri Vidyaprasanna Teertha Swamiji is the 38th pontiff of the Kukke Subrahmanya Matha. Under his guidance and tutelage, the Matha has expanded itself with centres in Bangalore and Bombay. On top of his administrative skills, his friendly personality has attracted many devotees to the Matha. He is a firm believer in:

  • Spirituality
  • Academics
  • Social/Community Service

Spirituality: Swamiji has completed Nyaya Sudhamangala (graduate level studies of the Hindu Scriptures) under the tutelage of Sri Vishwesha Teertharu. After becoming the pontiff of the Kukke Matha, Swamiji has had the opportunity of worshipping the Samputa Narasimha (the only one in the world: present in Kukke Subrahmanya Matha. For its significance, Read here) everyday. Apart from he himself being hightly spiritual, he is educating many of his students with the knowledge of the Hindu Scriptures.

Academics: Swamiji has studied Ancient Law, Vedanta, and Sanskrit Grammar at PoornaPrajna VidyaPeetha. Along with these qualifications, swamiji also obtained a degree in Modern Law in 1992 and an MA in Sanskrit in 1994. Since Swamiji himself is highly educated, he is a firm believer in the presence of education in the life of children. With this in his mind, he spearheaded the creation of Sri Gopala Krishna High School and a Sanskrit Gurukul to encourage children to educate themselves.

Social/Community Service: Swamiji has been actively serving the community. A testament to this fact is the Gopala Krishna High School that he has created to educate underprivileged children living in and around Kukke. Apart form this, he has created the Cow Protection.

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